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ironing service in Taplow

Taplow Collect and Return Ironing

We provide a high quality collect and return ironing service in Taplow and the local Taplow area. 

The Taplow collect and return ironing service is normally a 48 hour turnaround.

Our ironing service covers Taplow and the local Taplow area.​

To learn more please contact us with a brief outline of the ironing work you want doing.  ​

We can discuss what it is that you are looking for and the ironing services and rates we can offer. ​

When you are happy to go ahead we will quickly come back to you with the arrangements necessary to commence the collect and return ironing service in Taplow. ​

Payment is by BACS transfer after the job is completed.

To get the best from your Taplow ironing services there are some things that you can do to help us. Not only will you help to save us time you will help us to achieve the best finish possible for your items.


Please ensure that all of your garments are the correct way out (i.e. not inside out) and that shirts, etc. are unbuttoned before reaching us.


Remember, the way you dry and store your garments will have a huge effect on the quality of ironing that we are able to achieve. Tumble dried items or items left creased up will be much harder to iron to a high standard than items that are hung soon after washing and stored appropriately.


We will typically iron anything that is provided with your load. If you do not wish to be charged for stray socks or underwear, please check your ironing before we collect it to ensure that the only items present are ones that you would like ironed. Unfortunately we are unable to accept saris for ironing at this time.


If you require your items to be hung, please ensure that you provide the correct number of adequately-sized clothes hangers for the number of items. Please do not provide broken hangers as we cannot replace these.

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