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Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order
1.     All orders are subject to a minimum £15 charge.​

Dispute Claims
1.    In the first instance please raise any issues directly with the seamstress at the time the work is returned. Often any clarifications or resolutions can be provided straight away.

2.    Any outstanding issues must be raised by email or in writing no more than 24 hours after the completion of the work. Issues raised after this time cannot be considered as other factors may have been involved.

3.     Photographs / Images help greatly in considering matters arising from sewing work.

4.     In cases where a rework is offered to provide additional or remedial action this work must take place within 5 days of the original work being completed (or on the earliest date offered by the seamstress). Failure to provide means to recourse in this timeframe, by way of not facilitating access or other wise, invalidates all outstanding claims immediately on expiration of the 5 day period. Any outstanding amounts become immediately payable in full.

1.     All sewing work is carried out by an independent, affiliated seamstress on a sub contract basis.

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