Since ancient times, people have turned henna leaves (which come from henna trees that grow throughout Africa and Asia) into henna dye, a paste that colours skin, hair and nails. Henna artists use this paste to draw temporary reddish-brown tattoos that fade in a couple weeks. They apply these tattoos in important, ceremonial events, such as weddings and religious ceremonies .... and sometimes just for fun.

Henna is great for nearly all occasions. It's fun for festivals, birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, as well as many other ceremonies that are festive in nature.

Call us now to discuss how we can help your celebrations and parties buzz with the help of henna art.

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Henna Artist in Maidenhead

Professional make up for your celebrations 

Specialist in Bridal Mehndi and Party Henna. Stylish designs for Mehndi henna tattoos and henna hand patterns. The service is provided by a lady henna artist in Maidenhead.

Our henna in Maidenhead service also covers the wider SL6 area.

Mehndi Artist in Maidenhead


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