Terms & Conditions

Domestic Cleaning

1.     All jobs are subject to a minimum duration of 2 hours. If we send two cleaners this would mean we are on site for 1 hour.

2.     Due to the nature of the work there may on occasion be small variations in work times.


1.     We do not operate with contracts as we prefer to work with clients who are happy to stay and value flexibility where possible on both sides!

2.     We do not charge for holiday or similar cancellations of regular bookings which are notified to management adequately in advance. All such notifications should be made at the earliest opportunity and in all cases no later than 18:00 on the day prior to the scheduled clean. Cancellations made after this time are subject to payment of 100% of the usual charge.

3.     In cases where cancellations are frequent we reserve the right to reassign the regular slot and offer "best endeavours" availability instead.

4.     Wherever we can we will try to reschedule regular slots where required. Please give as much notice as possible. Rescheduling may not always be achievable depending on the other jobs, locations and availability etc.

5.     In cases where we arrive at the house and cannot gain access  we will try to contact the relevant person and typically wait up to 15 minutes before we leave. If we are unable to gain access due to a fault by the homeowner we reserve the right to charge the full amount for the visit.

Force Majeure
1.    Adverse weather conditions such as snow etc or other unforeseen events may affect the cleaner’s ability to travel to a location. While we strive to minimise any disruption due to weather conditions the health and safety of the cleaners is paramount. In some cases it may be necessary  to reschedule because of the weather.

Dispute Claims
1.    In the first instance please raise any issues directly with the cleaner at the time the work is done. Often any clarifications or resolutions can be provided straight away.
2.    Any outstanding issues must be raised by email or in writing no more than 48 hours after the completion of the work. Issues raised after this time cannot be considered as other factors may have been involved.

3.     Photographs / Images help greatly in considering matters arising from cleaning work.

4.     In cases where a revisit is offered to provide additional or remedial action this visit must take place within 5 days of the work being completed (or on the earliest date offered by the cleaner). Failure to provide means to recourse in this timeframe, by way of not facilitating access or other wise, invalidates all outstanding claims immediately on expiration of the 5 day period. Any outstanding amounts become immediately payable in full.

1.     The cleaner is not authorised to provide estimates directly to the customer for any additional cleaning services or to make third party introductions for cleaning work unless explicitly approved in writing by Houseproud in advance.

2.     The service provided is for standard domestic cleaning of the interior of the property only. Specialist tasks such as interior cleaning of ovens, carpet/upholstery cleaning, external window cleaning etc are not included and, while we may use best endeavours to help when possible to do so, if such services are required they should be carried out by specialist providers with the necessary equipment.  

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