Garden Maintenance

Terms and Conditions

Quote Validity
1.    Quotes will be valid for a maximum of 7 days from the date of the quote. After this period has elapsed a re-quote will be required.
2.     All visits are subject to a minimum charge. One-off jobs have a minimum charge of £50. 


Property Boundary Work
1.    It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any work on the property boundary for which work is requested (eg hedge trimming) is the property/responsibility of the customer. By commissioning the work the customer confirms that they have the legal authority for the work to be completed. 
2.    Under current law, a gardener cannot cut back such a hedge beyond the boundary line without the express permission of the hedge owner. For further information on this topic please see
3.    It is suggested that before any boundary work is commissioned (eg trimming/cutting of boundary hedges etc.) even when wholly owned, the customer considers discussing the proposed work with the neighbour. 


Removal of Garden Waste
1.    When garden waste has to be disposed of by the gardeners, the time and work necessary to achieve this is built into the quote.
2.    All garden waste is disposed of at an official garden waste facility.

Force Majeure
1.    Adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events may affect the gardener’s ability to carry out scheduled work or to stop work already in progress. While we strive to minimise any disruption due to weather conditions the health and safety of the gardeners is paramount and they will make the final decision on the need to reschedule because of the weather.
2.    If the gardeners have to leave a job unfinished due to the weather conditions, they will return as soon as possible to complete the work.
3.    If on the scheduled work day adverse weather conditions make starting a job either inadvisable or hazardous, a different date will be proposed.
4.    Weed-spraying, which has to be carried out in dry conditions, will not be carried out during wet weather. The gardeners will reschedule a suitable date to complete this work. 

Dispute Claims
1.    In the first instance please raise any issues directly with the gardener at the time the work is done. Often any clarifications or resolutions can be provided straight away.
2.    Any outstanding issues must be raised by email or in writing no more than 48 hours after the completion of the work. Issues raised after this time cannot be considered due to the nature of gardens and the changes or growth which may have occurred naturally.

3.     Photographs / Images help greatly in considering matters arising from garden work.

4.     In cases where a revisit is offered to provide additional or remedial action this visit must take place within 5 days of the work being completed (or on the earliest date offered by the gardener). Failure to provide means to recourse in this timeframe, by way of not facilitating access or other wise, invalidates all outstanding claims immediately on expiration of the 5 day period. Any outstanding amounts become immediately payable in full.

1.     All gardening work is carried out by an independent, affiliated gardener on a sub contract basis.

2.     The gardener is not authorised to provide estimates directly to the customer for any additional gardening services or to make third party introductions for garden maintenance work unless explicitly approved in writing by Houseproud in advance.